When can I apply?

Vacancies are open from Mid-September to mid-February each year to start in September. 

How long is the recruitment process?

It starts in September, with the first Assessment Centre running before Christmas. We aim to have made all offers by Easter each year.

What qualifications do I need?

We look for a minimum of a 2:2 degree for the ASPIRE Graduate Development Programme. Whilst our Accelerated Programmes are designed for Graduates, we will accept A-Levels / HND if the applicant has related prior experience and submits an outstanding application. The Accelerated Programme is also open to ex-forces applicants, so if you have relevant qualifications or experience gained within the armed forces we welcome your application.

What is the difference between the ASPIRE and Accelerated Programme?

The Accelerated Programme is designed for those who know what they want to do and want to ‘hit the ground running’ and go into a job role straight away in construction. The ASPIRE Programme is for those who would like to take a year to experience the whole business before aspiring to become a future leader in the business.

Can I visit a development before my interview?

Yes, this is possible. It is always best to contact the local Sales Adviser and make them aware of your visit. That way, they can plan in some time to see you. 

How will I be tested in the application process?

You will be asked to answer a personality questionnaire, have a video interview as well as attend an assessment day. Assessment centres contain a variety of exercises and can include role plays, written and presentation tasks, verbal and numerical reasoning tests and a personal interview.

What qualities do Barratt look for in their graduates and ex-forces applicants?

Please see our page called requirements which shows our behavioural differentiators

Hints and tips for the video interview / assessment centre?

Be yourself; don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Have a look on the website to get a better understanding of the company and keep up to date with any relevant news which affects the house building industry. Think about the qualities you think you have which would suit the role / company. Have a look at the video interview hints and tips before you start recording.

Will I be notified if I’m not successful at any stage during the process?

Yes, we will make sure we keep in touch with you throughout the process.

Will I be based in one location or am I expected to move around the country?

You’ll be based in one location for the duration of your programme. Throughout, you will get the chance to visit developments in the division’s geographical area and rotate around all departments in the office for the benefit of your development. You will be expected to travel to attend courses which are held around the country.

Will I be able to undertake professional qualifications whilst completing any of the programmes?

Barratt supports a number of professional qualifications including RICS, RTPI and CIOB. We have an agreed structured training agreement in place and your line manager is available to act as your supervisor throughout. Subject to a successful application, funding is also available to pay for your fees should you wish to pursue chartered status. In some cases we are able to provide a mentor who is accredited although the availability depends on which office you’re based at. In some cases you may have to acquire a mentor externally via the RICS or CIOB.

Is there the option to change my mind about which discipline I want to specialise in after the first year?

The Graduate Programmes are designed to provide you with the best opportunities for your own development, therefore if you and the business feel that you are best suited to working within a different department within the business there may be opportunities to change your discipline; however these would need to be discussed with your Line Manager/Managing Director and are subject to business needs.

What courses will I attend?

Continual improvement is high on the agenda at Barratt. We want graduates an ex-forces applicants who join us now to enjoy diverse career opportunities within our organisation in the future. So we are keen to equip you with the broader management and people skills you need to grow professionally. This isn’t simply about gaining technical knowledge or learning how our organisation operates. It is about taking practical measures to develop the softer skills such as networking, team working, relationship building, creative problem solving, influencing and persuading, as well as managing change.

Would I get the opportunity to work with others?

There are also lots of opportunities to engage with others throughout the organisation. You can gain feedback from your coach, advice from your mentor and there are also Quarterly meetings with presentations, external speakers and discussions. You will also have the opportunity to learn about our support functions, such as Health and Safety, IT and HR.  At the start of the programme all graduates and ex-forces applicants will meet up for an induction day. This time is used to gain understanding of the programme and build relationships which in turn facilitate a support network allowing you all to progress as a group, helping each other throughout. 

Do you pay travel expenses for assessment centers?

Sadly we do not pay for travel or expense claims for you to attend our assessment days.

How will I be measured?

Throughout the programme your mentor will hold regular meetings with you to discuss progress and ensure things are progressing satisfactorily for both parties. The pace and workload can be adjusted to ensure you’re maximising your potential. Every successful candidate is also provided with a folder detailing all rotations and key areas to be covered in each department. You are required to produce evidence that you’ve gained a strong understanding of the business and that you are developing as an individual.

What happens at the end of the programme?

Our programmes are structured with clear milestones built into your Personal Development Plan. So each step of the way, you will be able to see exactly how far you’ve come and exactly what else you need to achieve in the future. When you’ve successfully completed your programme, you will join your chosen department and begin your first role. This is an opportunity to put your skills and knowledge into practice in an operational role. You could be assisting with managing a site team, getting involved in a land acquisition project or a new design initiative.  Have a look at some of our previous graduates and what they are doing now. Don’t forget, the learning doesn’t end here. Professional development is important right across our organisation, so we’ll continue to support your learning and your career progression.

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