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Home Counties

What types of customer tends to buy here?

The regional developments reflect the diversity of the people in the local areas with varying sizes, costs and designs. We have many first time buyers, especially with the aid of Help to Buy. Due to the broad product range available, these may be single persons, couples or young families. In addition, many families already on the property ladder often upsize their homes and buy with us. The region also attracts retiring experienced professionals, to sites such as the exclusive homes and apartments at Newbury Racecourse.

What makes the area exciting as a place to work?

With close proximity to London, and other major cities, the Home Counties region has a rich offering of events and attractions for its people. Both major and local businesses thrive within an area orbiting the capital, allowing for great networking opportunities. This keeps the market on its toes and guarantees strong growth and a diverse work pattern. When combined with the region’s rich history and diverse culture, whichever site you’re on, be it a small semi-rural location or a larger site providing housing for the masses, you can be sure that your experiences will be varied and challenging.

Approximately 80% of land covered by one of the County Councils is in designated Green Belt. This imposes vast implications upon developers such as Barratt, whilst on the other hand it increases pressure on County Councils to identify suitable development land. This results in a constantly changing working environment, where no two days, or sites, are the same.


Why is it great to live in the area?

The hub of the Home Counties is ideally placed for people who want the best of both worlds. There is plenty to do outside of work and with the London, Reading and Oxford City centres within commutable distance; there is no reason not to head into the city after work or on a weekend to experience the endless restaurants, night clubs, museums, shops and other local attractions, whilst 5 minutes in the car will surround you with lush green fields and an idyllic rural setting.

What social events / activities are in the local area?

There are many opportunities to meet up and have some fun, including divisional nights out, charity fund raisers and group activities on a local, regional and national level. Smaller in-house events are also a regular part of the working week with dress down days, guess the baby name competitions and cake sales to name just a few. A range of social events, activities and attractions include:

  • Go karting, golf and clay pigeon shooting events
  • A number of cricket teams including Essex County cricket ground numerous racecourses including Newmarket, Ascot & Goodwood
  • National Parks and Regional coastlines
  • London, Brighton and Essex’s (TOWIE) renowned nightlife
  • A range of popular football clubs
  • Opportunities to join local sports teams

Why should a graduate or undergraduate consider being based here?

There is a great range of developments covering both new Greenfield communities in the country side areas, and Brownfield schemes in urban regeneration. This offers a diverse range of experiences and challenges for young professionals to get involved in. If you enjoy being part of a fast moving, dynamic and eclectic community then the Home Counties are for you. With fantastic links to the heart of British Commerce and a picturesque and diverse setting, people from all walks of life have been drawn to living in the South East.


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