West Midlands


West Midlands

What sort of product do we build in the area?

There is quite a mix of products built in the West Midlands because of the variety of different developments & locations of our sites. We build one bedroomed apartments for students/professionals to larger houses for families and everything in between. Due to the industrial past, many of our developments are brownfield sites where we are regenerating the area for future use. In addition we build new developments on greenfield sites providing a different challenge to our regeneration.

What types of customer tends to buy here?

There is a great variety of customers in the West Midlands due to the variety of different opportunities available. Families are a key part of our customers particularly with the David Wilson brand but we also appeal to singles and couples looking for their first home. Our apartments in central locations appeal to young professionals while our communities of houses appeal to families.

What makes the area exciting as a place to work?

The area is exciting because there are a variety of different types of developments including regeneration work – such as The Lyng in West Bromwich where Barratt is recreating a sense of community in the local area. Also there are sites close to the centre of Birmingham and the surrounding area – Birmingham is the second city of England and the area has a strong industrial history which provides unique opportunities to develop the area.


Why is it great to live in the area?

There is so much to do! Birmingham has Symphony Hall, the Hippodrome, NEC & NIA plus plenty of sporting grounds – Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Villa Park are local. Also there is Cadbury’s World, the Black Country Museum, Birmingham City Museum & Art Gallery plus plenty of seasonal events, such as the Food & Drink festival in Birmingham City Centre. The area is also home to some beautiful landscapes from the Malvern Hills to the edge of the Cotswolds; it is a really beautiful place to live.

What social events / activities are in the local area?

The NEC & NIA host concerts and shows throughout the year and are easy to get to. There are plenty of different types of sport to either watch or get involved in; Birmingham is home to Villa Park & Birmingham City while Worcester has a successful rugby team. Other sports are popular in this area including basketball, rowing, athletics and many more. If you are fond of shopping there’s Merryhill and the Bullring plus the market in Birmingham is fantastic. Lots of local towns in the area have their own markets during the week and are easy to get to. There is so much to do in the area no matter what you are interested in.

Why should a graduate or undergraduate consider being based here?

The West Midlands is great because it is a central location. It offers a variety of different house types and developments to build, which come with their own challenges so it is never boring! The opportunities here are great and you will get to experience so much in this area because of its diversity; working here will make you a well-rounded professional.

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