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While our business is certainly about building homes, for our graduates, the real focus is on building the business: in gaining the commercial know-how, decision-making skills and leadership ability to take a successful business to even higher levels of performance.

Whatever we build, we build to last. So during your programme you can expect to gain valuable skills that will help you develop a long and successful career. You'll be far more than just another graduate – in fact we'll take a personal interest in your progress, so get ready to be in the spotlight!

Our Graduate and Future Talent Manager, Suzie Flynn, talks more about the programmes and what we look for in the video above.

Accelerated Construction Programme

Lasting one-year, our Accelerated Construction Programme is a fantastic way to learn about the industry and get your career off to a flying start. You'll be up and running in a real job in less than 12 months.

ASPIRE Programme

Our ASPIRE Programme runs over two years and gives you a broader foundation on which to build your career and become a future leader. You’ll start with six rotations, before you specialise in year two.

We are a Guardian Top 300 Employer, and we are in the Job Crowd’s ‘Top Large Companies for Graduates to Work for’ list of 2018/19 in the property & housebuilding sector. Hear what previous graduates think.


Where you'll work

You’ll settle in to one of our many locations nationwide. Find out more about the communities you can join.

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Broad insights

Barratt was one of the first house builders to offer structured, rotations-based training programmes. See what else makes us special.

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