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As a Parent, Guardian or Teacher, you need to know the choice you explore/make together with your young adult regarding their future is the best choice.  Sometimes, it’s a hard decision to reach.   With a whole host of different opportunities and options available to them once they have finished school or college, where do they look and what do they do?  Young people taking their first step beyond school and college have so much choice these days.

Why a Sponsored Degree?

The traditional route of university is not one for everyone and with the rising cost of higher education, it is worth considering the option of a sponsored degree route. So what are the benefits of a Sponsored Degree?

  • Fully funded course fees - Barratt Developments pay full tuition fees, meaning no student debt of £27,000 upon completion
  • A permanent job – full-time employment, gaining valuable work experience whilst studying, leading to a professional career pathway
  • Earning whilst learning – An annual starting salary of up to £24,000, which will increase with experience and responsibility 

What is a Degree Programme and what are the benefits? 

A Degree Programme gives an individual the opportunity to gain a formal idustry accredited BSc (Hons) degree whilst also being able to apply this knowlege in a work environment.

Throughout the duration of the course, students will be individually supported and mentored with an aim to achieve professional membership following completion.

The courses focus on principles of house-building and residential construction techniques, with particular focus for construction on project planning, evaluation and management and for those doing quantity surveyin- quantification, costing and cost planning of construction works and mesurement skills.

Our school leaver programmes have been nominated for various awards, so you have peace of mind that we deliver quality.

What do the programmes involve?

Each student completes mini-rotations in Technical, Surveying and Buying; helping them to understand our business. While studying, they’ll also take on the role of either Trainee Assistant Site Manager or Trainee Quantity Surveyor.

As a Trainee Assistant Site Manager, they’ll develop an ability to co-ordinate trades, direct labour and materials in order to meet a highly challenging schedule on time, and within budget. They will coordinate the build of our customer’s homes; one of the biggest purchases ever made.

As a Trainee Quantity Surveyor, they'll develop an ability to manage subcontractors, materials and goods whilst also preparing and monitoring site costs and consucting build cost analysis and budgeting.

Students attend four, one-week teaching blocks at Sheffield Hallam University each year; achieving a BSc (Hons) after approximatly 5 years.


Why choose Barratt?

At Britain’s leading housebuilder; a FTSE 100 company, we are at the forefront of a thriving industry. With increasing demand for new homes, we are constantly creating new job opportunities – over 3,000 in the past year alone.

Here at Barratt, we identified there was an opportunity we could offer young people wishing to access the construction industry whilst also continuing their learning and gaining further qualifications.  We decided to devise something that would appeal and fit our business and our need of providing talent for the future.  We worked in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University to devise and gain accreditation for our own bespoke Degree Programme.   Put simply, it is a degree level qualification which combines academic study with practical learning in the workplace.

What could the future hold?

In an industry with an aging workforce, we’re serious in our search for the talent to become our Construction Managers and Directors of the future. That’s why we’re looking to our Sponsored Degree Trainees for fast-track promotion into these roles. And of course, we’ll support them every step of the way.

From their degree, they’ll be equipped with the most up-to-date information about modern methods of construction, sustainable building techniques, as well as the people and management skills they need to grow professionally.

What do we look for?

Applicants need:

  • One A level and 4 GCSEs (C or above) including Maths and English OR
  • BTEC National Qualification
  • Advanced Diploma in Construction or Built Environment OR
  • Other access or foundation courses
  • More experienced entrants without formal qualifications will be considered on merit, taking into account such factors as their work experience, including those from the Armed Forces, and previous qualifications.

We expect students to demonstrate the potential to focus on customer and commercial needs. They’ll also need a clear understanding of the commitment required to manage working on-site while furthering their education.

So if the young person you know has the determination to succeed, we have the chance for them to fulfil their potential. They won’t have to choose between further education or paid employment - with us, they can have the best of both worlds, and more besides.

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