What sort of product do we build in the area?

Barratt London produces a high-end bespoke product, which reflects the high property values in London. Almost all of the products built in London are apartments, predominately 1 to 3 bedrooms. At the top end of the product line are properties up to the value of £5.5 million for a 3 bedroom penthouse in the Courthouse development, Westminster. At the lower end are 1 bedroom products, which are sold at around £230,000 in the New South Quarter development, Croydon.

What types of customer tends to buy here?

The two main customer bases in London are first-time buyers, and investors. First time buyers account for nearly half of all the properties sold. Schemes such as the government backed ‘help to buy’ are helping to drive this type of customer. Investors, including an increasing foreign investment market are attracted by the high rental yields offered in London. Barratt London now has a satellite office in China to help facilitate this growth in foreign buyers.

What makes the area exciting as a place to work?

London is an incredibly fast paced city, with no two projects being the same.  Working in one of three offices covering the area (Brentford, Aldgate and Stratford), each development gives a unique opportunity to change London’s skyline.


Why is it great to live in the area?

Living in London exposes you to cultures from every corner of the world.  From bustling street food markets in Brixton, Borough and China town to Carnivals in Notting Hill, you’ll never have a dull weekend.

What social events / activities are in the local area?

There is never really a dull moment in London, you can always find something to keep you going, with a range of bars and restaurants, shopping centres and for those who like to get to know London sites such as the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and the Emirates Air Line are easily accessible, just to name a few.

Why should a graduate or undergraduate consider being based here?

London is a great place for a graduate to be based as not only is it a vibrant and iconic city in terms of its infrastructure, it is also a very demanding one, which poses many challenges in terms of tackling issues in supply of land and demand for houses. It really pushes you to grow and develop fresh solutions to everyday problems.

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