North East


North East

What sort of product do we build in the area?

In the North East we mainly use two ranges of Barratt houses on our developments; these are called the ‘County Range’ and the ‘Classic Range’. More recently there have been some bespoke projects in the area which combine a blend of styles and aim to incorporate more sustainable technologies and sustainable living, and also complies with the ‘life time homes standard’ which makes provision for how houses might need to adapt over the lifetime of a home to meet the changing needs of the owner. 

The site shown on the video is called ‘the Rise’ and demonstrates one of the bespoke ranges we have in the area in a contemporary style. We are striving for higher sustainability ratings through integrating more efficient technologies to reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. 

This is part of a large regeneration scheme in the area which will aim to build 1800 houses over the next 15 years. It will transform a highly deprived area into an attractive and safe location for families to live in and provide an easy commute into the city centre of Newcastle creating better work and educational opportunities.

What type of customer tends to buy here?

In Newcastle the demographics are extremely varied, but consist mainly of three categories; first time buyers, young professionals and starter families, and families with teenage/adult children.

What makes the area an exciting place to work?

Newcastle is an exciting place to work because:

  • We are the hub on innovation within the built environment with great structures across the North East, for example the Sage on the River Tyne, the Millennium Bridge and some unique university building design.
  • We have great city status but still maintain a compact city centre.
  • We have fantastic transport links across the region.
  • We have 3 top universities in the north, Newcastle University, Northumbria University and Durham University meaning there are plenty of opportunities to meet other young professionals.


Why is it great to live in the area?

It is great to live in the area because:

  • Historical merit – its home to a great mix of old medieval architecture for example the castle Keep built in 1168 or the classical architecture shown Grey Street in Newcastle. 
  • It is home to a beautiful coastline, lighthouses and the shields fish quays.
  • It receives artistic recognition with numerous art factories and artist Anthony Gormley’s famous Angel of the North structure in Gateshead.
  • It boasts a great social scene/nightlife: cinemas, restaurants and bars
  • Daytime: shopping - including the Metrocentre, one of the largest shopping centre in the UK.

What social events/ activities are in the local area?

  • Home of the Great North Run, the only half marathon in the world to have reached its 1 millionth runner in 2014.
  • Host of the Evolution Festival – large outdoor festival on the quayside which showcases unsigned talent and household names for free.
  • The “hoppings” funfair on our large town moor.
  • The Sunderland International Air show which includes aircraft performing amazing stunts in flight.

Why should a graduate or undergraduate consider being based here?

  • Barratt Homes originated in the North East by our very own Laurie Barratt in 1958 and so the North was home to the Group Support Centre for the business until 2007.
  • In the North we offer a range of products to a very varied demographic of people and various different market demands so a graduate will be exposed to many different types of site.
  • We have secured a large land bank for the future which offers our division the security we need to keep the business at the top of its game.

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