South Wales


South Wales

What sort of product do we build in the area?

The majority of developments in the local area are 2-4 bedroom houses, but there have been other developments recently such as the College Green development in which a highly sought after apartment complex was procured. As the South Wales branch is a dual brand of Barratt and David Wilson, the portfolio range is quite diverse and caters for all kinds of customers.

What types of customer tends to buy here?

Before joining one would assume the customer to be young couples and families due to the housing stock available but thanks to the dual branding our homes appeal to everyone. There are plans for a large scheme near the coast of Barry, which will appeal to old and young alike.

What makes the area exciting as a place to work?

We are on an upward trend with increasing sales figures and great future opportunities. With many jobs heading towards the capital following a move away from the traditional manufacturing industry, as well as an aging ex-miners housing stock there really are fantastic opportunities for Barratt to take advantage of, giving graduates exciting challenges.


Why is it great to live in the area?

The area has everything you could want:

• Some of the best beaches in the UK within 2 hours west of the office, including Harbour Beach; voted the best beach in Europe

• Outstanding nature reserves 2 hours north of the office

• It also has great amenities with Cardiff right on your doorstep, which gives great entertainment and shopping.

What social events / activities are in the local area?

South Wales has some of the most diverse and best social events and activities in the whole of the UK. With a burgeoning population nightlife is always popular in Cardiff, with the sport and entertainment being integral to that.

From headline bands and sporting events that perform regularly at the Millennium Stadium, for such events as the Six Nations; we also have a range of other events weekly such as Cardiff City in football, Cardiff Devils in ice hockey, a host of rugby clubs whilst always having acts in the Cardiff International Arena. We also have many other venues that cater for all personalities, such as the Wales Millennium Centre or St. David’s Hall who provide theatre and comedy shows.

It’s actually hard to not bump into some social activity with new developments all around the City including the new ice arena, international white water centre and many other developments. There’s always some sort of ‘event’ happening in and around the capital and it’s great to be able to take part in whatever you enjoy.

Why should a graduate or undergraduate consider being based here?

You can easily have a good work-life balance and make the most of your weekends after a busy week, whether it is relaxing in nature or some of the best entertainment around. The work is rewarding as you can see local communities being built and see the results.

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