What sort of product do we build in this area?

The juxtaposition of old and new, urban and rural towns and villages is reflected in the housing that we build across the region. From 2 bed apartments and houses popular with first time buyers through to large detached 5 and 6 bedroom homes are currently featured on our developments. No two sites are the same; the mix of properties that we choose to build is a result of careful analysis of the demographics of the area whilst being mindful of respecting the historic environment and character of the region.

What sort of customer tends to buy here?

Our customer base is just as diverse as the product that we build. Our region is dual branded, we deal with both Barratt and David Wilson sites which means whether they are a first time buyer, upgrading or downgrading, clients can find the right home for themselves.

Why is it great to live in the area?

Yorkshire holds the unofficial title of Business capital of the north. There are many professional opportunities present within a decidedly friendly atmosphere. Alongside this, Yorkshire is also home to unrivalled scenery and many UNESCO protected landmarks. The cities therefore present a perfect hybrid of business and pleasure. This has all contributed to Yorkshire edging out Berlin, London and Madrid to win the title of Europe’s Leading Destination in 2013.


What social events/activities are there in the area?

Taking into account the great diversity on offer, there is truly something for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, as well as greenspaces and parks. Equally you have all the convenience and excitement of big cities including national chain stores, amongst many award-winning independent restaurants and shops. Attractions such as IMAX, National Media Museum help bring the area to prominence as a UNESCO city of film, perfect for avid media-lovers.

Why should a graduate or undergraduate consider being based here?

One benefit for working in this division is the fact that we are dual-branded, and additionally cover one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Many of our sites are in stunning locations due to the natural beauty of Yorkshire. We have sites in semi-rural locations and developments near city and town centres, which means our work is always varied and interesting. The divisions located in the north provide an amicable yet hardworking environment, which welcomes new faces and encourages career progression.

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