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HR (Human Resources) Undergraduate

Dinah Mould

Dinah Mould

Dinah studied for a BA (Hons) HRM and Psychology at De Montfort University; a 4 Year sandwich degree that enabled her to take a year out to gain relevant work experience.

“I was very much aware that Barratt had the reputation for being one of the UK’s largest house builders. Upon my research, a massive motivational factor for me was the extent to which the company focussed on ‘building careers’ rather than jobs for its people.

Throughout my placement search, I was interested in the Company that would offer me a well-rounded experience in Human Resources and Learning and Development in particular. From the moment I had my interview, I knew Barratt had to be the one for me! On the programme, I was offered endless opportunities to get to know what Barratt really is about and what makes us stand out within the housing sector.

The Barratt experience for me has been hard work yet highly enjoyable which is exactly what I wanted. There is just the right balance between expectations to deliver my set objectives and the level of support given. The best part of my job was getting to write and develop e-learning modules. I also like that I received constant feedback on tasks set. That way, I am always aware of which areas I need to improve on.

The best part of the Undergraduate Placement Programme was the frequent ‘catch up’ sessions I got to have with my Line Manager. I found it very useful especially when it came to reflecting on my job performance and development goals for the year.

I strongly believe that Barratt place our people at the heart of everything they do. This is what in my perspective makes Barratt an excellent employer. I am glad Barratt chose to offer me a place on the Undergraduate Placement Programme as I feel it has been the right kick-start to my career in HR."